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Ballot measure 65 is bad for democracy

Ballot Measure 65 will create what is known as a Top Two election system in Oregon. It is not an open primary. Under Top Two, only two candidates for each race will appear on the ballot in November. Top Two is used only in Louisiana and, recently, in Washington.

Ballot Measure 65 will drastically change Oregon's primary election. All candidates from all parties will compete in the same election in one big free-for-all. There will be no majority vote requirement. Candidates will advance to the general election with the support of a tiny percentage of voters. That's undemocratic. And unfair.

Ballot measure 65 makes campaigns
longer and more expensive

Campaigns are already too long and too expensive. BM 65 will make them even longer and more expensive. Candidates will have to start running earlier and will have to raise and spend more money to reach voters from other parties.

Ballot measure 65 limits voter choices

Voters should have more than two choices on Election Day. Freedom of choice is the heart of democracy. Why should our choices be restricted?

Ballot measure 65 eliminates "third parties"
from the general election

Based on research conducted by the nation's leading expert on ballot laws, third party candidates will be virtually eliminated from the November election.

Ballot measure 65 is unnecessary

No one in Oregon is ever denied the right to participate in the primary. Any eligible Oregonian can register with a political party 21 days prior to the election.

"Top Two severely restricts voters' choices
for the November election."

Richard Winger, Editor, Ballot Access News

"Top Two is unfair and undemocratic."
Blair Bobier, Programs Director, Civics Education League

"'Top Two' deprives the voters
of a meaningful debate and choice."

Luke Esser, Chair, Republican Party of Washington
OPB Radio, 8/20/08

"'Top Two' limits our democracy
rather than expanding it."

Dwight Pelz, Chair, Democratic Party of Washington
OPB Radio, 8/20/08

Submitted by the Pacific Green Party of Oregon