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Multnomah County Democrats Statement

For those that don't know me, I am a solid progressive who consciously opted to become involved -- very involved -- with the Democratic Party. I believe progressives should work both outside the restrictions of the Party, and within its borders in order to move it to a more meaningful agenda -- an agenda that exists for the purpose of making peoples' lives better, and attends to the stewardship of the planet.

That being said, I want to share with you the anti-measure 65 argument that will appear in the Voters Pamphlet on the behalf of the Multnomah Dems. Measure 65 is NOT an "Open" primary as its proponents would have you believe. The real consequences will have a supremely detrimental effect on both progressives who label themselves "D"s and those who don't.

KC Hanson, Chair, Multnomah County Democratic Party

Limiting discourse, limiting candidates, limiting choices.

The rallying cry behind the push to change Oregon's primary system is that it will enable all voters to have their voices "heard" in the early stages of an election. But really, no one will be listening.

Instead of expanding the field of choices, Measure 65 will limit it.

Republicans and Democrats would be prevented from fairly determining who they want their nominee to be. In this system, each party would be forced into a game of strategy. Instead of Democrats (or Republicans) in a given district being able to decide whom they like best in a field of 3 or 4, there would be a natural tension and pressure to limit party candidates to no more than 2, and maybe one. The anointed one will be selected long before the voters cast their first ballots, and the selection will be heavily influenced by money, often from outside Oregon borders..

Smaller parties could put forth candidates, but as long as Republican and Democratic Parties exist, smaller parties will NEVER see their candidates advance to the general election

Now, why would a Democratic Party organization be opposed to a system that effectively eliminates 3rd party and non-affiliated candidates from the process? The Multnomah Democrats are composed of folks from all walks of life with a wide range of viewpoints. We believe ALL these viewpoints should have the forum for expression in the primary election, and that primary voters should be enabled to vote for whomever best represents their philosophies.

Measure 65 limits this expression, limits discourse, and limits the choice Oregon voters deserve.

Please, vote NO on Measure 65.