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Media coverage

Corvallis Gazette-Times's Op-Ed, November 21, 2005
Blair Bobier wrote about how "Top Two" limits options
The Eugene Register-Guard's Op-Ed, December 20, 2005
Blair Bobier wrote about how "Top Two" would restrict choice
Last year, Greens and Libs opposed Senate Bill 630, covered in the Oregonian
Two Parties Denounce Louisiana System
The Oregonian's Op-Ed, September 15, 2008
Dan Meek wrote about A prescription for electoral chaos
OPB's Think Out Loud, September 16, 2008
Paul Gronke and Seth Woolley took on Phil Keisling on Measure 65
The Associated Press, October 12, 2008
Ryan Kost wrote an article on Measure 65
Portland City Club Research Committee issued a unanimous No on Measure 65 Report
Paul Gronke and Phil Keisling at their Friday Forum, Portland City Club M65 MP3
The Portland Mercury Editorial Board saw past Keisling's target of getting every media outlet to endorse the measure
It's Your Move Editorial Endorsement opposed Measure 65

Measure 65 Video

Salem City Club Debate

Willamette Week Debate

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Save Oregon's Democracy is a website by members of third parties, including the Independent and Pacific Green Parties. It's hosted in the basement of the Secretary of State Candidate for the Pacific Green Party, Seth Woolley.