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Vote NO on Measure 90

Summary of Measure 65

Measure 65 would make Oregon a "Louisiana Primary" state:

No party nominations via primaries for all but President. Nominates the top two vote-getters in the primary to the general election. Party registration would appear next to the ballot. Parties may endorse in private. Accepted endorsements placed together on the ballot.

Vote NO against Measure 65 and Big Business:

Associated Oregon Industries, Oregon Business Association, Oregon Business Council, the Portland Business Alliance.

Four of the largest business groups and virtually every corporate media editorial board in the state are backing Measure 65. Please visit, Oregonians against Unfair Elections, and read about the Big Business Behind Bad Elections.

For a political scientist analysis of Measure 65, be sure to read the Eugene Register-Guard's recent Measure 65 op-ed by Robert Eisinger and Paul Gronke.

Also, be sure to read the Portland City Club Research Committee report on Measure 65. Scroll to pages 15 through 36 to read about the measure. It's the most thorough report on Measure 65 that exists.

Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts

Former Oregon Governor
Barbara Roberts

Fellow Oregonians,

I strongly urge you to VOTE NO on 65.

This is a solution looking for a problem.

It will cause the election season to start earlier, last longer and cost more.

Under this "TOP TWO" primary system, all candidates would appear in a long complicated list on the May primary ballot.

The "Top Two" vote-getters, regardless of what they believe and stand for, would then be on the November ballot. In many races, your only choice will be two candidates from the SAME Party!

Under this poorly thought-out system, Democrats could be forced to either vote for a Republican in many races, or not vote at all. Likewise, Republicans could be forced to vote for Democrats. That is not choice and it is not democracy. There is nothing "open" about this proposed scheme.

And for our other parties -- the Green Party, Libertarians, Independents, would effectively forced off Oregon's November ballot.

Oregon's Primary election system has nominated and elected some of our state's most outstanding leaders -- of both parties. Tom McCall. Bob Straub. Dave Frohnmeyer. Maurine Neuberger. Les AuCoin. Norma Paulus. Jim Hill.

It worked then. It works now.

The claim that this measure will give Oregon more moderate office-holders has no basis in fact. The claim that Measure 65 will magically help legislators play nice together in Salem is nothing more than a campaign tactic.

Once again -- this is an invented solution to a non-existent problem. Don't be fooled.

Vote NO on 65.

Governor Barbara Roberts