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Libertarian Party of Washington County Statement

The Libertarian Party of Washington County strongly opposes Ballot Measure 65. It is patently unfair, almost certainly unconstitutional, and should be soundly rejected by Oregon voters!

Proponents of this measure use the fair-sounding term "open primary", but actual results will be anything but open! Oregon voters -- Democrat, Republican, Libertarian -- will lose their right to select candidates of their choice from the party of their choice!

By allowing only the "top two" vote-getters in a primary election to advance to the general election, this measure would effectively eliminate small parties from the ballot in general elections. Although small parties seldom win elections, they frequently offer genuine alternatives to the status quo. Since small party candidates rarely compete in primaries, this measure would dramatically reduce choices available to voters by eliminating these candidates from general elections.

In districts where one party is historically dominant, this measure could have the effect of placing two candidates from the same party on the ballot in the general election. Depending on where you live, would you really want to see only two Democrats or two Republicans on the ballot? What kind of choice is that?

The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States wisely prohibits any law "prohibiting the right of the people peaceably to assemble". What is a political party -- even a so-called "minor" party -- other than a peaceful, politically-oriented assembly? By what right do the proponents of this ballot measure propose to strip valid minor and major party candidates of their right to stand for election in Oregon?

A far better solution to the problems this ballot measure purports to address is term limits, which would have the effect of throwing every voting district "up for grabs" every few years instead of allowing politicians to entrench themselves in office by showering endless pork-barrel projects in their districts with your tax money.

Vote NO on Measure 65

By David E. Long, Libertarian